A vow of forever

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A vow of forever


Book 1.5

of 2

serie name : a vow of hate

*A Vow of Hate Novella*

They say happy endings come after marriage. But my marriage to Julianna was anything but pretty and happy. Our beginning was tainted with lies and deceit.

We were poison until we found the cure.

The truth liberated us from our hate, and we found our happy ending.

Or I thought so…

Leaving our past behind has proven to be difficult when we’re surrounded by evil. Gracelynn’s death still haunts Julianna and she’s trapped in a never-ending cycle of nightmares. And me? I’m shackled by the unspoken fear of losing her again.

Julianna’s father asked me: How far will I go to protect my wife?

As far as I need to go.

The world asked me: What will I give up for my wife?


*This novella is a sequel/extended epilogue to Killian’s and Julianna’s story. A VOW OF HATE must be read before A VOW OF FOREVER*

*TW: This story deals with sensitive themes like infertility, miscarriage and child loss. If you find yourself uncomfortable reading such material, please proceed with caution*

Language: English

First published: May 5, 2021

1.500 DA


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