Where it all began

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Where it all began


Book 2

of 3

serie name : the phoenix falls

Kitty Hanson Lu has dropped out of college so that she can work full-time on her parents’ ranch. Whilst her brother fulfills his dreams of touring with his band, she’s stuck at home, looking for a way out. So when her parents announce that they’re going away for the next three weeks she has every intention of seizing her newfound freedom and finally doing something entirely for herself. That is, until she finds out that there’s a break in her brother’s touring schedule, so he’s coming to stay with her… and he’s not alone.The last time that Madden Montgomery laid his eyes on his best friend’s sister was the night of her high school prom. She had tried to ignore him for their entire adolescence but for that one night he finally had her attention – and he doesn’t want to let go of that again. Now that he has the opportunity to watch over Kitty, making sure that she’s safe whilst her parents are away, he’s going to do everything in his power to rekindle their former spark. Determined to overcome every obstacle, one thing is for sure… things are about to get hot.

Language: English

First published: April 18, 2023

1.800 DA


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