The devil tainted us

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The devil tainted us


Mery Heights has been known for its myth of being cursed by God because of the uncountable sins the island carried. But sin is like a shadow inked with the darkness in Magdalene asylum.

When an innocent soul like Agatha is brought to this living hell, she is pushed into the fire of torture, guilt and shame. But she is determined to find her door to freedom and the key was one of the priests of the Magdalene who is no less than a sinner.

The longer Agatha is held captive the more she is drowning into the darkness of the island. But even in the depths she feels an undeniable connection and attraction to Eryx, who can’t resist the beautiful and alluring angel.

But soon secrets are revealed, past dig their way out of the graves, endangering their lives. A journey of betrayal, guilt, love and passion with an angel and a sinner fighting for what they yearn before they are tainted by the devil.

Warning: The book contains intense sex scenes, drug abuse, physical abuse, suicidal scenes, molestation scenes, violence, religious references and explicit language. Readers discretion is advised

Language: English

First published: February 15, 2022

1.800 DA


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