Sinners consumed

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Sinners consumed


Book 3

of 3

serie name : sinners anonymous


My world is on fire, and I’m obsessed with the girl who lit the match.

Bloodied knuckles and a lifeless body at my feet confirm it: Penny is my demise.

My gentlemanly facade is nothing but a memory.

My sins are seeping through my shirt like ink.

I tried to leave her. Couldn’t do it.

I tried to snuff the life out of her. Couldn’t do that, either.

So we’ll slow dance in the flames until I’m nothing but ash and embers.

I’ll only rise like a phoenix when she’s gone.

The problem is, I’d never let her go.

No, she’d have to run far, far, away to escape me.

And maybe she will if I just told her the truth:

I own the Sinners Anonymous Hotline.

And I’ve listened to every call she’s ever made.

Language: English

First published: September 7, 2022

1.800 DA


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