P.s i’m still yours

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P.s i’m still yours


It all started with the worst day of my life.
He waltzed into that church like it hadn’t been years .
Like he’d never taken my first kiss and hopped on a plane, chasing a dream we’d built together.
But the boy who caught fireflies with me is long gone.
He’s famous now.
Filthy rich.
Despicable .
His mom thinks he needs to reconnect with his roots after his latest PR disaster.
That spending some time at the beach house where we vacationed as kids will set his mind straight.
And the real kicker? She’s invited my recently homeless family to join.
They say I’ll learn to forgive him in the next few months. After all, time heals all wounds-even the ones caused by green-eyed celebrities.
Spoiler they’re wrong.
Kane Wilder might have the hearts of millions.
But he’ll never have mine…

Language: English

First published: September 22, 2023

1.800 DA


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