Meeting Dr.Praigale

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Meeting Dr.Praigale


Following the death of her abusive ex-boyfriend Malcom, Astra Meredith DuPont moves to a neighboring town in pursuit of a quiet, sedentary lifestyle as an author. While dealing with the traumas of her past, she can’t seem to shake off the writer’s block that’s been eating away at her… that is, until she meets Dr. Noah Praigale, the kind-hearted veterinarian who manages to awaken something beneath the surface.With every chance encounter that pulls the pair together, lines of the past begin to blur, challenging everything she knows about intimacy and love. And as the stars align, Astra wonders if she has found her next muse… or possibly, something Abusive relationships, s/a and d/v, toxic family dynamics, mentions of alcohol, o/w/m circumstances, mental health, loss of a partner, themes of infidelity

Language: English

First published: January 1, 2024

1.800 DA


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